Local Love: Mango Spotting

Local Love at the Kensington Kitchen is dedicated to food shopping and cooking in Brooklyn south of Prospect Park, with a special affinity for the neighborhoods of Kensington and Ditmas Park.

At F train Ditmas Ave stop

Take a walk through Kensington and Ditmas Park these days and you’ll notice a trend at every grocer and supermarket in the area, no matter the nationality or ethnicity of the owner. Bet you can’t guess what it is (okay, okay, you probably know already)…

At Flatbush Food Co-op

At I&D Interfoods

Mangoes. Cheap, beautiful, plentiful mangoes.

It’s not a big surprise – everybody loves mangoes. Pakistanians love mangoes. Mexicans love mangoes. South Americans love mangoes. West Indians love mangoes. Europeans love mangoes.

Himilayan Bodega Mangoes (At Q train Cortelyou stop)

And Filipinos loooooooove mangoes.

When they’re ripe, we eat them alone for breakfast or a snack. My mom would slice them into three parts – two round “halves” and the middle portion containing the seed. For the “halves” we’d use the round skin as a bowl and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. For the middle we’d peel the skin off and eat the flesh right off the seed. I always preferred the middle piece. Probably because my inner 5 year old likes licking the juice off my fingers afterwards.

At a Pakistani grocer on Coney Island Ave at Ditmas

Here are a couple more ideas for what to do with this blessed fruit:

For the sweets-inclined
Mango Caramel Pudding (via Chef Zakir)
Be aware that the ingredients are measured in metric on this Pakistani site. You can convert to English units here

For the adventurous
Green Mangoes and Bagoong (via Burnt Lumpia)
You want a green, unripe mango for this. Bagoong is a fermented shrimp paste that’s popular in the Philippines– go to New York Mart at Avenue U for this (although there’s a chance they’d have it at Golden Farm or the like).

For those who want a little more information:
For Everything There is a Season, Even Mangoes (via NYTimes)
It’s as if the NYTimes knew I was going to post about mangoes this week.

What do you do with mangoes?