Food for Thought: 11 March 2011

Switching to international-style date writing (11 March rather than March 11th). We’ll see how that goes.

How to Buy the USDA Recommended 4.5 Cups of Fruits and Vegetables for $2.50 Per Day (via CheapHealthGood)
This is completely possible in our neighborhood. We’ve recently scored a whole head of cauliflower (4+ servings) for $1.39, a container of grape tomatoes (2+ servings) for $0.99 and 2 yellow peppers for $1.19.

roast cauliflower with saffron & pinenuts (via stonesoup)
Sooooo very tasty. We made a double batch of this last week (with aforementioned head of cauliflower), subbing in white vinegar for the red wine vinegar and pecans for pine nuts. We’d recommend crushing the saffron a little to let out more flavor/color.

Another way to look at farm subsidies ( via Rachel Laudan)
As she says, “anything that challenges a cliché is good with me if it’s based on evidence.” However, we need a little help deciphering this evidence. Give us a holler if you know what the y-axis is a percentage of…our inner science teacher takes off points for failing to label axis.

Binge eaters’ dopamine levels spike at sight, smell of food (via e! Science News)
Makes binge eating sound a bit like addiction to me. Perhaps it should be treated just as seriously.

AM-Thai Basil Kitchen at Village Voice Choice Eats (via KensingtonProspect)
This is where Raphe took Marni to celebrate her getting a holiday retail job after being let go in November 2008. Good times.

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